Luxury Eyelash Extensions

We've been in business for 7 years and love what we do! Multi certified using quality products to achieve gorgeous lashes! 





You will see a cancellation policy when you book. Be sure to read through it thoroughly before accepting. 

All cancellations require a 48 notice. 

You will be charged 100% of service for any no call no show. 


All booking goes through my site. We like to give you the option to take a look when you’re free to see what works best with your schedule. 

All others

We don’t allow children in the studio as there is nobody to watch them. Please organize your lash appointments around childcare. 

There are so many artists out there with different styles and unfortunately there are some that are not licensed or certified. It is At Lash's policy not to work over other artists work. If you decide to book  with At Lash, we will need to start with a fresh set. 

Cleansing your lashes is extremely important

Here's a video to guide you through and make sure you're cleansing your lashes properly!


How do fills work?

3 weeks is the longest I allow between fills without adding an additional charge to the appointment. 

Why you ask? 

I’ll tell you! 

👉🏼When you come in for a fill, your artist needs time to remove the lashes that have grown out crooked & the lashes that have grown out 2 mm or more from the lash line. These all must be removed before the fill can start.

👉🏼We then need to even out both sides filling in gaps/inner and outer corners. As soon as we get those even we then have to recreate the shape! Some people will ask “but I only want natural lashes. Why do I need to come in for fills so often?” 

Same reason! We need time to recreate what you left with last time. Natural or dramatic, the steps are still the same. 

👉🏼The longer you go in between appointments, the more grow out you have and the more lashes we will need to remove & replace. It takes more time to do that & apply to the new growth.  

I hope that helps you decide what lash service is best for you! 


KGUN 9 Interview with Lash Studio

In case you missed our interview on the local news, you can catch it here!


PLEASE NOTE: The actual application process shown in the interview was not done by an artist from lash studio.


Est. in 2012, At Lash has made it their #1 priority to educate themselves on the up and coming trends and eyelash extensions safety. We love what we do here and will continue to educate ourselves and be the best! 

We are a high end Lash Studio located in the foothills of Tucson, Az specializing in volume lashes while protecting the health of your natural lash line. 


Melissa Rudolphi

Co-Owner of Lash Studio

Owner of At Lash 

Founder of At Lash Pro.

Certifications & Achievements

Lash educator

Licensed esthetician

Dermablade certified

Borboleta Brand Ambassador 7/16-4/17

Borboleta educator 4/17-12/17

Novalash classic

-Borboleta volume & classic

-Lashmaker official Master volume/Russian volume

-Maven TD Advanced volume/Master 

-Lashbox LA Mega volume

-London Lashpro Volume

-Lash Exchange Eye design for all ethnicities 

-Phi Brows microblading. Currently awaiting certification. 

Lash Affairs September lash artist of the month!

Lashboss Radio Podcast 


February Lashmaster Association online judge!

Lashmaster Association speaker November 2019 conference

Lash Studio

If you didn’t already know, lash extensions are luxury service! As a client of Lash studio, you’re going to experience nothing but luxury. We pride ourselves in continued education, educating our clients on what’s best for the lash line, how to take care of them and using quality products! ⠀

We also supply you with an atmosphere that makes you feel relaxed, comfortable and taken care of. We have 1700 ft.² of industrial glam. Lash studios services are by appointment only. When you enter the Studio, make yourself at home in our comfortable lobby, grab a snack or a drink, head back to our beauty bar to cleanse your lashes and prep for your appointment!  When you head into our private room for your service it’s time to kick your shoes off get cozy under the blanket and sink into our plush beds. You may take a long luxurious nap or pop in your headphones and listen to your favorite podcast or music. We do little to minimal talking during your service as we want to provide you with the highest quality of work. ⠀

Thank you for choosing Lash Studio! We value all of our clients and we will always make you feel welcome and comfortable knowing that you’re getting the best service you can receive.

Stay tuned for some upgrades coming to the studio in 2019.


Lash Studio education programs

4/27 & 4/28

Fundamentals training - 2 day course $1000

10am - 430pm

Lash studio

+ Event Details

4/27 & 4/28

Fundamentals training - 2 day course $1000

Our fundamentals training is for anyone looking to get into the lash industry. You are required to have your Cosmetologist or esthetics license to take this course. 

The fundamentals course is where you first start in the lash world. It covers all the basics of lashing and sets you up with all the important aspects. You will always need and use these fundamentals in your lash career. 

In this 2 day course, we will take you through every step you need to start! You will be working on a model on day 2. If you can't provide a model, we will need to know 2 weeks prior to class to set that up for you.

Kit included with some of our favorite products!

$500 non refundable deposits due to secure a seat in class. If unable to attend your course your balance can be forwarded to another class if canceled 1 week prior to course date.

10am - 430pm

Lash studio


Pro Volume Course - 1 day course - $1200

9am - 6pm

Lash Studio

+ Event Details


Pro Volume Course - 1 day course - $1200

Our pro volume course is for licensed cosmetologist or esthetician’s that have been certified in classic. This course will introduce you to volume lashing. 

There will be a lot of hands on and fan making. You will work on a model.

Kit included with some of our favorite products!

$500 non refundable deposits due to secure a seat in class. If unable to attend your course your balance can be forwarded to another class if canceled 1 week prior to course date.

9am - 6pm

Lash Studio