How do fills work?

3 weeks is the longest I allow between fills without adding an additional charge to the appointment. 

Why you ask? 

I’ll tell you! 

When you come in for a fill, your artist needs time to remove the lashes that have grown out crooked & the lashes that have grown out 2 mm or more from the lash line. These all must be removed before the fill can start.

We then need to even out both sides,  fill in the  gaps  and  inner and outer corners.  As soon as we get both  eyes  even we then have to recreate the shape! Some people will ask “but I only want natural lashes. Why do I need to come in for fills so often?” 

Same reason! We need time to recreate what you left with last time. Natural or dramatic, the steps are still the same. Natural means  that  the  fans  that  are  applied  to  the  lashes  are  smaller  and  less  dense  to  give  a  natural  look.  

The longer you go in between appointments, the more grow out you have and the more lashes we will need to remove & replace. It takes more time to do that and  apply to the new growth.  

I hope that helps you decide what lash service is best for you!